Laying on the street/sidewalk/curb to make it look like someone is falling.

I think you underestimate the gravity of the situation…

This place is a must-visit.

20 Salar de Uyuni Instagram Photos to Change Your Perspective

The Bolivian Salt Flats - Salar De Uyumi. Want to get crazy creative and pretend to be eaten by a toy guinea pig.

5. Salto al vacío

17 fotos con perspectiva

There's clever photoshop, and then there's clever photography. The fact that these photos haven't been edited is absolutely insane.

optical illusions / forced perspective

This is a collage of photos with an unusual perspective. I chose this collage because these are real photos taken in real time which gives a lot of authenticity that a love.

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drcuerda Knowing how fond of balloons Anna is I knew we would have problems this week with this WHP As you may know, she has already flown away a few times, but today I had to make sure she wasn't going anywhere without me, so.

Muy bueno el efecto óptico.

Forced Perspective Photography: Incredible Examples Of Optical Illusions In Photos ᴷᴬ

clever use of camera illusion

Des illusions avec du ruban adh

Optische illusie

Free will is an illusion essay topics Will Definition: Faculty to act and decide on its own will. Name given to the unwritten legal custom. Being alive at birth is free, you act, do and think what they.

Onderwijs en zo voort ........: 3459. Fotografie en kinderen : Hoofd er niet bij

Onderwijs en zo voort ........: 3459. Fotografie en kinderen : Hoofd er niet bij

they're on to something here. shadow, situation, movement, energy, reaction, expression, tryptic, vertical, film, flash.  THere's more... simplicity, fright, subdued, grasping, a giant hand, scared of a shadow.

Funny pictures about Playing with shadows. Oh, and cool pics about Playing with shadows. Also, Playing with shadows photos.