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Los Roques Archipelago, Venezuela

El Roque, Gran Roque, Los Roques Archipelago north of Caracas, Venezuela

Paisaje de Venezuela

The Intimidating Tabletop Mountains of Guyana (j) South America is filled to the brim with exotic locales, species, and culture, but none can surpass the sheer magnitude of Guyana’s tabletop mountains, nestled on the border of Venezuela

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Ouse ir: Los Roques – Venezuela

Ouse ir: Los Roques – Venezuela

Puente General Rafael Urdaneta, Maracaibo, Venezuela

The General Rafael Urdaneta Bridge is located at the outlet of Lake Maracaibo - Venezuela

“Cayo de Agua ennuestro expectacular Archipiélago de Los Roques☀ Fotografía: @campellovision  Hay una Venezuela deslumbrante que vale la pena conocer.…”

Los Roques has one of the most beautiful beaches I have ever seen in my life, I know I am venezuelan and I could be bias, but see it for yourself.