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KHUX anniversary artwork by Tetsuya Nomura

Sora & Riku from Kingdom Hearts Union χ [Cross]

Sora & Riku from Kingdom Hearts Union χ [Cross]


Rough phase of Adult Sora wielding the Triplicate Keyblade fused with the Kingdom Key and the Keyblades of Kairi and Riku.Call me madman, or blasphemer, whichever you prefer. If you ever wonder abo.

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Kingdom Hearts beginning - End

KHInsider : Photo

khinsider: “ Higher-quality version of the KINGDOM HEARTS X[chi] anniversary artwork!

Que preciosa obra de arte - Creditos en la foto.

"My heart belongs to me!

BbS trio with Buster Sword

Kingdom Hearts quotes

These quotes can have me fangirling at one point then flailing the next.

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malefishe: “Something loosely based on this exclusive event, so I can indulge and end 2016 by drawing my faves together. ”

Kingdom Hearts Terra (Lingering Will?

KH HD: 1.5 ReMIX ~ official promo art, similar to the original cover art of KH1.

My favorite kingdom hearts piece of art

Just a thought...

Just a thought...

Terra and Aqua

Terra and Aqua armor form