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Most excellent piece of art!

Jazz Rock/Fusion is jazz that is strongly influenced by other styles of music. There is American tendency to freely interchange Jazz Rock and Jazz Fusion.

Recycle those paper towel tubes and use them to make a unique process art sculpture!

Paper Tubes Process Art Sculpture

Paper Towel Art Sculpture Art Supplies Needed- paper tubes, glue, paint, loose parts, lid. The children will strengthen their creativity by thinking unconventionally and making something unique.

Amenhotep III ~ Miks' Pics "Acnient Egypt" board @

Amenhotep III was the ninth Faroah of the dynasty. He ruled over an era which was the most artistic in Kmt history, and at the height of its international power. Amenhotep III ruled for 39 years and was known as the 'Magnificent'.

“My whole theory about art is the disparity that exists between form, masses and movement.”                                 - Alexander Calder

db – Little Spider, c. 1940 by Alexander Calder. Alexander Calder’s art centers around the movement of objects in space, and his elegant mobile sculptures made him one of the most important artists of the century.

wow. this is gloomy and from Maysa Dos Santos's instalation board: "Yuichi Ikehata"

Body Building Workouts

<b>You don't need an art history degree or an elevated sense of pretension to "get" these amazing pieces.</b> Someone needs to curate an art gallery specifically devoted to the subject matters of rainbows, pizza, and cats.

Foam Sculptures

Wire Sculptures by Richard Stainthorp

Wire Sculptures by Richard Stainthorp

The well-balanced artwork of artist Michael Grab. Fall 2012

Land artist Michael Grab creates sculptures, towers, & orbs by carefully stacking & balancing rocks of different shapes & sizes.

Eric van Straaten "I was born in 1969 in the Dutch city of Leiden and grew up in Haarlem.

Eric+van+Straaten+_artodyssey+(9).jpg (1065×1600)