Beaded Rosette Medallion

How To Make a Beaded Rosette Medallion - Craft Tutorials

This project will help you learn to do applique rosettes on a small project. Beaded medallion necklaces have been popular for both men and women dancers for many generations. These instructions suggest using the new beading foundation as the material.

Looks like a good tutorial on how to resize patterns - including tips for the short and long-waisted!

How to Resize a Pattern

native american beading patterns - Google zoeken

Indian cultures of the Great Plains had to be able to move an entire village at a moments notice to avoid marauders and government troops an.

Nicely done horse's head    Лошадка 2014 (конкурс БИ) 3

Nicely done horse's head Лошадка 2014 (конкурс БИ) 3