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Anime Girl Skin as white as snow and soft as petals. Her eyes gleam as if the stars were having the time of their lives.

Não consigo ir em frente!

this picture is so simple but yet has so much meaning to it. to me it symbolizes how depression is always hanging around (the cuff around her ankle). you feel alone (empty room around her). self harm (the bandage around her arm).

Do you know what is between beauty and ugliness it's indiference

Page 3 Hinata Reimi, also know as Agent Hina, is a secret homicide detective. She's a secret because she's a 19 year ol.

The wind brushes her hair and exposes the emotions hidden on her back for she is too scared to show then shimmering in her eyes.

art hair girl Black and White sad anime manga monochrome long hair Anime girl

aesthetics, black and pink, and anime image - fuck this whole wide world