Puurrrfect by Freeze-chan

okay this would be real nice thobut wouldn't mari be like"wait. i threw adrien agreste- ADRIEN AGRESTE- across paris and used him as a weapon.

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He will never see the light again after she's done with him xD

Mari - Atchim! Adrien - Ei mari, vc deve estar com frio Mari - nossa, esse seu cachecol é muito bem feito Adrien - É mesmo né? É meu preferido, eu amo muito ele Marinette? Mari - estou bem... só caiu um cisco no meu olho

I want this to happen but i dont want adrien to feel like he made marinette cry

“When your friend start doing signals and you don’t understand”


"Dad No Omg" ladynoir<< "You either make her your wife or she becomes your new mother" I LIVE for that comment Miraculous Ladybug

Lady is "what's wrong with him?"

Miraculous Ladybug & Chat Noir - Ladrien - See you arround Handsome boy - Adrien Ladybug

Adrien/Cat Noir  ♥ Marinette/Ladybug

*Got dared**Adrien:Kiss on the mouth. Mari: *gets nervous so kisses nose cutely* Adrien:*Mind: so cute. *Both turn extremely red and turn away blushing*