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I wanna do a photo like this of a little girl holding a clock

In this image, the blur of people moving around in the crowd makes it look interesting, but it is also focusing on particular people who are standing, walking, moving in what looks like a busy area. A slow shutter speed is used in this image.

Robert Doisneau // Le Mans, 1962. (

Robert Doisneau // Le Mans, 1962. (

I love photos of walls. I am weird. But this color is rad.

I think this is a very interesting picture because the focus is not clear. The colors really pop against the darker stairs. Kaleidoscope Reverie by alexiuss on DeviantArt

tumblr m9uentEH9A1roj2gxo1 500 Random Inspiration 108 | Architecture, Cars, Girls, Style & Gear

Random Inspiration 108

When on a Winter’s Night a Traveller - was an art installation featuring a crowd of black umbrellas by Slovenian artist Matej Andraz Vogrinčič at Melbourne’s GPO building, as part of the previous L’Oreal Fashion Week 2012 / photograph by Peter Bennetts

Breton stripes and cropped hair, via Lyra act?

hula I want to be her. Cute hair, Cute style, and she can hula