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Cruze with variations and example

Zentangle, Cruze (with variations) by Caren Mlot

Official Zentangle Pattern: Zinger [X]. Category: Filler, free.

Zinger tangle pattern official Zentangle with examples/variations.

Well. Official Zentangle with variations and examples.

Official Zentangle designed by Maria Thomas, with variations and examples. Tangles used in Final Tile: Well, Paradox, Cadent.

Punzel.The red "dots" in these instructions are not meant to be drawn. Rather, they indicate the visualization process of seeing where the next element begins as you proceed to "draw behind" in a Zentangle way.

Official Zentangle tangelation with examples/variations.

Blooming Butter. Tangle Pattern and Examples by Michelle Beauchamp, CZT / Shelly Beauch.

Shelly Beauch: Tangles Re-visited blooming butter by Michele beauchamp

Tripoli. Official Zentangle w. variations and example.

Official Zentangle Tangle ~ Tripoli ~ by Maria Thomas, Zentangle Founder

Dreppal step

Tangle Pattern with Variations and Example by Ela Rieger, CZT / Elatorium.

Eigrene. Tangle Pattern with Variations and Example by Ela Rieger, CZT / Elatorium.

Zentangle-Pattern 'Eigrene' desinged by Ela Rieger CZT, presented by www.

HQ quilting tip of the day: Here's the last in our series of stencil ...

this example starts with a fern border design. embellish it by stitching the design but adding vein lines, micro quilting, and tendrils around the leaves, or stitch around the leaves with feathers, with or without pebbles.

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doodle - zentangle pattern sheet by krochetokikai