Harry Potter

"After all this time?"Always" The three brothers, each with their Deathly Hallow; a truth to the character, spirit and embrace of Death unique to the brother

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27 Pictures Only "Harry Potter" Fans Will Think Are Funny

Em memória de Alan Rickman, que <a href="http://www.buzzfeed.com/matthewchampion/actor-alan-rickman-dies-at-age-69#.gn0kbqGWl">morreu nesta quinta-feira</a> aos 69 anos.

Quando ele perguntou a Harry a diferença entre um Inferius e um fantasma.

It's just wood...just...**SNAP**

I know this is supposed to be a mean girls reference but I Don't know if it's just me but I like the ending in the book alot more. When Harry repairs his wand then puts the elder wand back in Dumbledore s tomb.

Ed Sheeran has a secret... // Harry Potter // "This is really creepy .." Vsauce explains what's going on here .. search Vsauce "Why are things creepy?" on yourube

Ed Sheeran has a secret...

haha real life Harry, Ron, and Hermione found in this school picture

The Death Eaters were originally known as the Knights of Walpurgis.

20 Facts You May Not Know About Harry Potter- love Epic fact Never tickle a sleeping dragon.