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Öffentliches Bewusstsein für Gender-Variante Menschen können gelegentlich verwechselt werden.  (public consciousness of gender variant people can be occasionally confused.)

"hello darkness my old friend" by this fleeting life".more sillouhette inspiration.use clear contact paper and paint a similar apparition onto the sliding glass door!

Ghosts ... the hand coming out from under the table made me pee my pants.

the hand coming out from under the table made me pee my pants.

Grabbing Dark Walk  scary, halloween, fall, path, woods, zombie, autumn, hands

walk carefully down this darkened path. the hands of the 'long lost' reach out to grasp whomever walks this way .

I got a story behind this one that is real creepy.  When I was growing up, I lived in a creepy house.  Some people do not believe in haunted houses etc.  But I do.  My mom practiced black arts and fooled around with an Ouija board.  Held séances too.  I've heard that those Ouija boards are not to play with.  Well... that's when things started happening.  I saw a black hooded figure down a hallway (25 yrs later my sister said she saw the same thing)

Inspired by the movie Mirrors.Have you seen Mirrors ? that scene with the blonde and the mirror (I don't wanna spoil), but damn.that was some scary .