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Second Life interfaces for the Overlay has been invaluable to facilitating both science and business, and are used by industry leaders in both fields

SRC Wrecked Sensor Bus by django-red.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

Half-orc, Tiefling, Elf and their Antigrav Skull landed on a barren world. They only wanted to search old starship wrecks for loot and stuff, but the insidious zombie spacemen disliked their graver.


Newstigger - Shadowrun 5 - Seite 27 - News, Infos und Fragen

I see Carson similar to this, especially with Ebony gone. He'd have no reason to shave or really care about his appearance. The green would be red, and his eyes would have that unsettling artificial crimson to them.

ArtStation - Character Igor Esaulov - This concept would make a good starting point for designing civilian characters from the various worlds in SW.