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After years of working in this style I have only recently come to realize the heavy influence of the pictorialists.  My favorite pictorialist is William Mortensen(WM), but that's likely because I'm a little uncertain as to who was most influential in the movement.  The new art is based on refinements I've made to my process after gaining a better understanding of WM's own process.  He worked primarily in B&W, but liked the gum-bichromate processes too.  For these, I took the ideas and…

This image is so dark, yet it lets you create a story from its simple creepiness. I imagine a mad survivor of some apocalypse still wearing their gas mask years later.

Wish I Could Have This Mask For My Haunt, But Sadly It Not For Sale...

Here's a collection of horror Halloween masks for you to wear this Halloween season. Wear something hair-raising and horror masks to scare your friends

B♠nes ☠ - (theMaddhaus)

A "ghost" puppet at a local art exhibit in Orlando, Florida. The exhibit is called "Crime and Puppetment.

Серия "Черный милитаризм" Juha Arvid Helminen

Finnish photographer Juha Arvid Helminen conveys a message on the misuse of power in politics and religion in his dark, faceless portrait series, "The I. 'The Invisible Empire' by Juha Arvid Helminen