MA house, kubota atelier architects

Best Ideas For Modern House Design & Architecture : – Picture : – Description MA-House by Katsufumi Kubota

House on Mountainside / Fran Silvestre Arquitectos | AA13 – blog – Inspiration – Design – Architecture – Photographie – Art

House on Mountainside / Fran Silvestre Arquitectos

縁側で寛ぐ豊かな暮らし♪日本家屋から現代の洋風建築まで縁側のある家をご紹介☆ - Yahoo! BEAUTY


BDA.T / ボーダレスドロー の モダンな バルコニー&ベランダ&テラス インナーコートのある家

BDA.T / ボーダレスドロー の モダンな バルコニー&ベランダ&テラス インナーコートのある家

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Drew Mandel Design Marlborough Ave Infill house on a wide plot, becomes feature residence of the street - Drew Mandel has used e.

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architecture peninsula house lemaster architects Impressive Modern Design Exhibited by Peninsula House in California Beach

House and Garden by 西沢立衛(Ryue Nishizawa)

The House and Garden Building, Tokyo. Designed by Japanese architect Ryue Nishizawa. The house has no facade and no interior walls. Instead there are floor-to-ceiling windows, curtains and an array of.

Prédio muito alto com janelas quadradas: ao mesmo tempo que sugere um afastamento, uma ascensão, os quadrados dão a impressão de estabilidade, O triangulo equilatero na base do prédio reforça essa estabilidade.

The 10 Tallest Skyscrapers Of The Future

Pearl of the North, Shenyang, China by Atkins Architects :: 111 floors, height [Futuristic Architecture: