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m Half Dragon Gold Sorcerer Robes Magic Rod milvl urban City Addison Kerr, half-gold dragon sorcerer and Principal/Headmaster of Makutani Magic Academy, circa 1995 IY

Smith. Paper mini in this set:

A crazy black smith who makes torture tools for Viduas acolytes? or he forges chains to hold the werewolves at bay?

Artist unknown

NPC: Limus Lutum of house Lutum (Limus the Greedy by the townfolk of Cliffside): Race: Human: He is the mayor of Cliffside.

Kurutta, the dark avatar

Diablo 3 Class War - Monk Another mostly melee warrior-esque class, the Monk uses martial arts and is a Holy Warrior of the Light.

Character Creation Guide Pt 1 by ~Sheeply on deviantART. Sorry about the stupid language at the beginning. Haven't read over it all so hopefully it's not worse. PNRL

Character Creation Guide Pt 1 by ~Sheeply on deviantART (links to parts 2 and 3 at the bottom)