A new "perspective" on snowmen! Love it!

Artsonia Art Museum :: Artwork by From exhibit "Worm's Eye View of a Snowman" by (Art ID from Cedar Creek Elementary— grade 3 United States


I'm going to try this with my but it is intended for grade. I have high expectations of my students, perspective art project.use this with a few other snowman lessons to teach about framing and perspective

a faithful attempt: Snowmen at Night Chalk Pastel Drawings

Snowmen at Night - pastel art/shading lesson grade does this with ripped paper, but adding pastel and shadow would be awesome!

Snögubbar i grodperspektiv - bilduppgift.

Snögubbar i grodperspektiv - bilduppgift.

Snowman collage-a fun winter art project that works on some key concepts for young artists.

Snowman Collage Project

Kids draw a ¾ view snowman, paint shadows and decorate with paper. Makes a cute christmas or winter craft.

How+to+Grinch.jpg 895×1,153 pixels

Grinch Art Projects for Kids: How to Draw the Grinch Pretty sure I'm going to use to learn how to draw the grinch haha

Kuvahaun tulos haulle kuvis+talvi

Kuvahaun tulos haulle kuvis+talvi