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Kiki de Montparnasse ~ If the Queen of Montparnasse can't adequately sum up Paris in the then I don't think anything can.

Kitty de Man Ray

Wanda Wulz, Io + gatto, 1932 (Source: Metropolitan Museum of Art) Wanda Wulz was an Italian photographer, member of a long tradition of photographers of Trieste (his grandfather Giuseppe, his father.

"La Noire et la Blanche" photo de Man Ray représentant Kiki de Montparnasse avec un masque africain en 1926 : https://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Noire_et_Blanche - Il est évident que la pose de Kiki (muse et maîtresse du photographe) est inspirée de la sculpture de Constantin Brancusi intitulée "La Muse endormie" (1910) Man Ray et Brancusi étant lié d'amitié. http://mediation.centrepompidou.fr/education/ressources/ENS-brancusi/ENS-brancusi.htm

© Man Ray (aka Emmanuel Radnitzky), Noire et blanche Man Ray’s Noire et blanche is a photograph exemplary of Surrealist art. The striking faces of the pale model and the dark mask have a.


En/visages – Portraits, Scotch et Retouches Analogiques

French artists Bruno Metra and Laurence Jeanson stick images of facial features cut out from fashion magazines over the models to form new facial expressions; The distortion in the face gives this person a more vibrant and fun expression.

Man Ray -  Marie Berthe Ernst, Max Ernst, Lee Miller and Man Ray. 1928

* Marie-Berthe Aurenche Max Ernst, Lee Miller et Man Ray, Paris photo Man Ray

by Phillipe Halsman - Dali, Four-Eyes                                                                                                                                                      Plus

The king of strange. “Surrealism is not a movement. It is a latent state of mind perceivable through the powers of dream and nightmare.” ― Salvador Dalí // photo - Dali by Phillipe Halsman

Man Ray, 1947: Self portrait. Born Emmanuel Radnitzky, Man Ray grew up in America but spent the greater part of his life as an migr in Paris.

Man Ray, Self portrait. Born Emmanuel Radnitzky, Man Ray grew up in America but spent the greater part of his life as an migr in Paris.

#DADABOX #milkmagazine LE POP CLEFS source : http://sphotos-g.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-prn1/923158_403372746445681_763739295_n.png

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SURREALISM LECTURE Man Ray - Glass Tears, 1932 This image here displays a Surrealist element through the dreamlike characteristics of the photo. The hyperbolic spherical glass tears under the eye heighten the emotion of the image.

Man Ray, Solarised Portrait of Lee Miller, 1929 ca. - The Penrose Collection

Lee Miller, 1930 by Man Ray. The Penrose Collection © Man Ray Trust/ADAGP, Paris and DACS, London courtesy The Penrose Collection. Image courtesy the Lee Miller Archives