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Punk is an attitude, sometimes reflected by its' style, but often by it's demeanor. Why can't I find a man like this ❤️ what a dream boat!

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<b>El fotógrafo Derek Ridgers pasó más de diez años documentando la música y la gente que amaba.</b>

Como escribe John Maybury en el prefacio del libro de Ridgers:

Photographer Derek Ridgers spent more than ten years documenting the music and people he loved.

Ropa, Calzado y Complementos Punk: www.barrio-obrero.com  Botas con puntera, Cruzadas, Cinturones pinchos, Tintes, Muñequeras, Bombers MA1, Parches, Fanzines...

Looks like my daughter's high school class. Great kids, all grown up to be passionate about social justice, personal responsibility and loving, productive people.

Erik) "so I shaved my beard and also my head. I now have a Mohawk haha. My sister likes it she said I looked cool. Hopefully she wasn't messing with me" (Ellie) "I wasn't gosh quit worrying ya scrub" laughs

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When people think of punks they often think of mohawks, tattoos and spikes. Some punk look like this, but not all.