Worm Farm/Ant Farm. this link has 20+ ideas of natural outdoor activities & alternative play structures. some simple & some pretty elaborate. mostly for younger kids.

Preschool Playgrounds: It's Simply a Classroom : Natural Playscapes. others to fill with pebbles/sticks/leaves/water

School Playground Weather Station by Playground Imagineering

Find school playground equipment at Playground Imagineering. We offer safety surfacing, storage options, fencing & a wide range of useful playground ideas.

Karl-Johan Ekeroths interactive sound sculpture for children, where the voice is the best toy.

Visually interesting and playfully purposeful, "Invoxicated" is an interactive sound effects sculpture by Karl-Johan Ekeroth. He says, "Invoxicated is a interactive play sculpture where children can experience the pure joy of playing with sound effects i

Balance Scales / Interactive Elements / Infinite Playgrounds

The interactive elements of playgrounds provided by Infinite Playgrounds mean children can discover and experiment in a safe environment.

Outdoor Play Structures | slurry chutes - tunnels, chutes, tubes, funnels - fun for any sand box ...

slurry chutes - tunnels, chutes, tubes, funnels - fun for any sand box or gravel area. This is a cute sand chute. What about a hand pump water faucet outside the castle?

smaller version of something similar for our kid? I like play areas like this because 1. they're more natural, 2. they allow for imagination to grow and 3. they can be incorporated into our landscape

Adding stumps and other balancing elements creates a sand play area that is so much more than just a sand box. This appeals to a much wider age range than a box of sand. Can become a fire pit when the kids get older.

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Update your playground picnic tables with a chess board design so students can play checkers or chess while eating lunch.

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