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zoikino! - 改造ゾイド: 桜太

zoikino! - 改造ゾイド: 桜太

捨てられた機械やおもちゃで作り上げられた、妙にSFチックな犬や人間の彫刻 - GIGAZINE

Italian artist Dario Tironi takes discarded objects and recycles them into beautiful, colorful sculptures of people and animals

See What Lockdown's Dogs Almost Looked Like in TRANSFORMERS: AGE OF EXTINCTION Concept Art by Fausto De Martini « Film Sketchr

Check out Transformers: Age of Extinction concept art by Fausto De Martini! De Martini is a professional concept artist who's work.

20150724b.jpg (800×931)  The nitpickiest of nitpicks but there must be a way to hide that wire!

This character was designed for doujinshi of ZOIDs(JP TOY series).