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Summer bucket list for way in the future, like a diy project, first i need to get a boyfriend let alone anything that long term i love traveling!

7 Beautiful and Creative Ways to Display Vacation Photos

Great idea for traveling or road trips. Get a big map of the US, and take a picture when you visit a new state. Cut the picture out in the shape of the state, and glue to the map! I'm definitely doing this!

121 things you should do this summer instead of spending money! Including watching the sunset with your love!

121 Things to Do Instead of Spending Money

121 Things to Do Instead of Spending Money--cute list, this is a good idea for this summer :) Save Money, Saving Money, Budgeting

Mapa na parede.

Traveler’s Map. Place a world map over 3 canvas', cut into 3 pieces. Coat each canvas with Mod Podge and wrap the maps around them like presents. Let dry and hang on the wall about away from each other. Then add pins to all the places you’ve been

Wszystko jasne i piękne: DIY Sztuka ścienna mapa świata na Stylowi.pl

DIY World Map Wall Art Tutorial (using the Silhouette Cameo) Could be used with any picture! ~ maps in home decor ~ DIY craft project


Vacation Keepsake DIY Idea: Collect sand from different beaches to fill a jar. Label each with place and time. cool Idea if I ever get a real vacation .

Cute idea since I've moved around so much. May add some cute typograhy with the year on the map...Decorate with Maps

Decorating with Maps

Map Decor-I love this summer project idea! We can cut out places we've been and put symbols on them and frame them. Kids can put in their rooms, or we can display in entry way.

Me and the man

The Ultimate Summer Couples Bucket List

This is a cute idea for couples. Think I'll make up my own for my Anniversary Bucket List summer next year! Want some fun ideas? Check out The Ultimate Summer Bucket List for Couples.

LG GizmoPal® 2 by in Pink

LG GizmoPal 2 by in Blue

Get the new GizmoPal 2 by LG, only from Verizon. It makes checking in with your child easy, with voice calling and a GPS locator.

This is the Jerk Jar. I came up with this idea for me and my boyfriend, we moved in together this summer. For those really annoying things your partner does, (for him it's leaving the toilet seat up. For me it's when I leave the lights on) the culprit has to put a dollar in the jar. When it's full, we go on a date night to help get over the little annoying things. I love it because there's no more nagging, just saying "honey, put a dollar in the jar." We also do it when the other says…

For a couple on a budget to keep the date night cash flow steady. putting a little in a jar will provide funding to keep the relation exciting