Peter Zumthor: a life in architecture - in pictures

Peter Zumthor: a life in architecture - in pictures

topographie-des-terrors-the-three-concrete....The intention of taking care of this area led to an architectural competition in 1992, in order to design a permanent museum and documentation center. Architect Peter Zumthor won, his submission calling for an extended three-story building with a framework consisting of concrete rods. Subsequent design and first construction of the core concrete structures began but soon stopped due to funding problems.

Zumthor’s Topographie des Terrors (1993-2004): visual history of...

Kunsthaus (Art Museum) Bregenz Austria - Zumthor

Best Ideas For Architecture and Modern Design : – Picture : – Description Kunsthaus (Art Museum) Bregenz Austria, Architect Peter Zumthor – nice way how the exterior absorbs the changing colour of the sky, weather, etc.