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He set fire to the world around him...

Set fire to the world.

Set fire to the world. "And yet the flames seemed to have imbedded in her eyes, a passion hidden behind the rage.

Violetta didn't want to go to the tower. She saw it more as a punishment then a security of peace. But she held her head high, for the sake of Aurelia.

Girlboss Mood: I can do this, I thought. Then: And even if I can't, I have to / Monday Motivation Inspo Quotes

but no one heard

''who the fuck so you think you are?''smirking she raised her axe ''me?I'm the bloody queen'' she told him throwing the axe that spun beheading him

Going back to sleep you ruined my day. Nah fuck that you ruined me.

I literally came across this user box and "I'm A Mess" came on by Frank Iero And The Patience omfg