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I unpacked my crate of cute - http://geekstumbles.com/funny/lolsnaps/i-unpacked-my-crate-of-cute/

Funny pictures about Mother Of Cuteness. Oh, and cool pics about Mother Of Cuteness. Also, Mother Of Cuteness photos.


This actually looks like my old husky. Her name was Ava. She was given to some dude, not sold, when she grew up and idk if she is ok.

Bubbles bubbles bubbled

Let me catch you The Amazing Funny Pic that is unbelievable and take a perfectly timed photo with using different objects and living thing.

Mom saved all her puppies from a house fire :) loved this, a mom will do anything for her babies

Mama dog saves all her puppies from a house fire puts them safely in one of the fire trucks. This is so sweet.

I almost cried it was so heart melting

Why kids need pets.

Why kids need pets. Jencks my heart melted! The kid playing doctor and the kiddos squishing the cats.


Funny pictures about I surrender to sleep. Oh, and cool pics about I surrender to sleep. Also, I surrender to sleep.

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21 Dogs That Are Completely Mistaken About How Big They Are

My stbernard is exactilly like this he always lays in my bed I have a full bed but he still takes up the whole thing!

Great pyrenese...now that is a dog

21 Dogs Who Don't Realize How Big they actually are. i could have a beardog. it would be the most adorable beardog of them all.