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16" x 12" five-color, hand-pulled screen print on both French Madero Beach cover stock (update: out of print) and 20" x 16" 1/4" maple panels.

No Such Cold Void

Graphic design

Everything You Wanted To Know About Fonts

Art Inspiration: Surreal Illustration by Tang Yau Hoo. This one really caught my eye. The use of negative space makes you think is this a city skyline.or just a bunch of hanging light bulbs?

Design Inspiration | 131 - UltraLinx

Design Inspiration

I like this design because the clouds escaping the circle and passing over the words really shows "wonder"

40 Floral Typography Designs that Combine Flowers & Text

40 Floral Typography Designs that Combine Flowers & Text

Double Color Exposure - Photo Effects Actions

Double Color Exposure

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A quick slideshow tutorial on how to make the beaded puffy star ornament.

Learn how to make a cute beaded star ornament using this quick picture tutorial. Students should already be familiar with herringbone and peyote weaving tech.