linear inequaities word problems worksheet with the text linear inequaities word problems
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Linear Inequalities Word Problems Worksheet

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Word problems are scary for students, especially linear inequalities word problems; therefore, it is important to support students with a resource of linear inequalities word problems worksheet that includes guided steps and notes on linear inequalities word problems. Whether it is a print version or Google activity for linear inequalities problems there are steps to guide each student to master linear inequalities. Laminate the linear inequalities questions and have task cards to use year after year.
☘️☘️☘️This resource includes:☘️☘️☘️
☘️ a note page with pre-filled answers and blank fill in notes for linear inequalities word problems
☘️ 12 problems with guided steps on the side OR 12 problems with no guided steps on the side
☘️ Answer Key
Note for printing: if the page is being cut off, then select settings when printing "fit to print" or "fit to printable area."
Google Slides Activity
- includes inequalities symbols for students to drag on the slide
- notes with pre-filled answers & text box fill in
- answer sheet with text box fill in
- questions with text box fill in
Read the blog post for linear inequalities worksheet strategies in the classroom.
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