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check - great townhouse apartment in college that I shared only 2 nights a week and only during the school semester

20 Reasons Every Girl Should Live By Herself At Least Once In Her 20s

bucket list for girls

I've always wanted to be a photographer but I have nothing mobile to take pictures w/ :( So this is definitely going on my bucket list.

Angels birthday party in December years ago

I don't care about the winter part really - just the hot tub part. I have been in a hot tub when it was freezing outside, but it wasn't winter. And I've swum in a heated pool during winter. So I'm going to count this one as an accomplishment.

✔ bucket list- spend a day at a water park. Wild wadi - our first "over seas" experience

Done! Not well, but done hahaha

Done, but I need to learn how to drive a manual transmission. And as of 2013 I can drive a stick shift!

Visit the biggest library in the world

Not only is Trinity College Library the largest library in the whole of Ireland, it also houses the Book Of Kells which is believed to have been written as early as 800 AD by celtic monks.

If I can inspire at least one person, my whole life would be complete. ~Bucket List~

As a future teacher, mother and aunt my goal is to be someone's role model. Being someone's role model will encourage me to always put forth my best. I would be honored to be someone's role model because I would feel that I am respected and admired.


On my bucket list I want to participate in a color run! This would be fun! I would do it with my best friend!

I will adopt my english bullie sometime by the time im 25

38 Images That Are Scientifically Proven To Boost Productivity

i want a husky or a type of pitbull. i know technically a pitbull isn't a breed but still. i'd want a little pit girl named rosie or maybe daisy.

A stranger paid my bill once and it was the most unexpected moment and the joy I felt from it was unsurmountable. I was so grateful for this random act of kindness that I really want to return the favor to someone else who is deserving. Pay it forward!

Pay a Stranger's Restaurant Bill

Before I die bucket list bucket-list Go to Comic Con

The Greatest Costumes of Comic-Con 2011

DONE- To the Grand Rapids Comic con.now the Bucket List is to go to San Diego Comic Con