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∥ Poppy Tattoo ∥Geometry ∥ 양귀비 타투 ∥❤️∥ Watercolor tattoo ∥ #illust #tattoo…

Poppy tattoo by tattooist_wonseok. Poppy tattoos are extraordinary and we have found some of the most exquisite poppy tattoos ever done.

Floral tattoo on the left shoulder. Tattoo artist: Muha Lee

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"캐롤린 모래시계"  도안✍ Sandglass design  #illust #tattoo #sandglass #wonseok #캐롤린…

"캐롤린 모래시계" 도안✍ Sandglass design #illust #tattoo #sandglass #wonseok #캐롤린…

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Kanji Tattoo Designs - First took place in China and then migrated to Japan. While the body art has progressed, the quantity of character types has increased to