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The Magical Kingdom of Russian Folklore – Part One

Journey to Legend of the Firebird It is an ancient symbol of rebirth and regeneration. Mostly I see the majestic firebird as a symbol of personal reinvention.

(via Russia / Soviet postcards, Andrianov)

[plenty of Chaos Stars EXing subconscious/feminine/fire/firebird or mythical Lucifer, a Divine Feminine Spirit, EXed from the Creator?] "The Firebird is the Russian version of the Phoenix" (via Russia / Soviet postcards)

Фото, автор alona-mera777 на Яндекс.Фотках

Фото, автор alona-mera777 на Яндекс.Фотках

Soviet postcards, Andrianov

[Well, looks like this union of masculine/conscious and feminine/fire/subconscious produces many Chaos Stars?


The Birds Discover the Simorgh The thirty birds read though the fateful page And there discovered, stage by detailed stage, Their lives, t.

Simurgh - pt.2  "Si-", the first element in the name, has been connected in folk etymology to Modern Persian si "thirty". Although this prefix is not historically related to the origin of the name simurgh, "thirty" has nonetheless been the basis for legends incorporating that number, for instance, that the simurgh was as large as thirty birds or had thirty colours.

Reza Badrossama نقاشی رضا بدرالسما سیمرغ ققنوس phoenix foenix آبرنگ و گواش Water Color& Gouach

emily rose tattoo. nice!

Girl Owl and Snake Tattoo Design Not sure that I like the snake idea. and the butterfly in the headband would be a flower I'm sure. wonder how much this would be!