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Personalized Bridal Bathroom Emergency Kit - Wedding day Essentials - Basket - Standard / White-Thanks

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Personalized Bathroom Wedding Emergency Kit - Bride Gift - Wedding day Essentials - Bridal Survival kit This basket has it all! 30 different items for those last minute needs! This kit has been curated after years of experience of being a bridesmaid! The included items are the must haves for the bathroom. The basket will come with a 4x6” frame that has a custom message inside! *Note the difference between the small and standard is that the number of supplies provided varies. There is also a mens basket option. All three options can also be ordered without the frame and basket. Additionally, custom orders for a basket can also be taken based on your specific needs/requests.* Details: List of items in the "Small" and "Standard" Option: 1. The basket 2. A frame with a personalized message 3. Mints 4. Listerine strips 5. Hair ties 6. A spray deodorant, better for sharing! 7. A Pen 8. Double sided tape 9. Nail file 10. Bandaids 11. Sewing kits 12. Multiple sizes of safety pins 13. Bobby pins 14. Panty liners 15. Tampons 16. Comb 17. Brush 18. Pain Meds 19. Alka Seltzer 20. Shout stain removers 21. Face wipes 22. Qtips 23. Scissors 24. Tums 25. Matches 26. Tissues 27. Toothpicks 28. Lotion 29. Earring Backings 30. Lint roller The white baskets dimensions are: 4 Inches (H) x 7.5 Inches (W) x 10 Inches (D) Please include the personalization details in the comment section of your order. I can’t get started without all the details! If you are local, we can arrange a local pickup so there is no shipping charge and an even faster turnaround time! Please reach out to me with any questions or special requests! Thanks for looking!
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