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I can totally see all the paladins (including Allura and Coran) having a Mario Kart party / super competitive tournament and everyone going all out.

hE FORGOT THE TILDE! ((This thing ~))<<<which means something /very/ different Merry Christmas and Happy prosperous year

Tag yourself I'm Keith

Keith / Lance<<<The art style is so fucking! anybody knows who's the artist?

Keith / Lance SO INNOCENT....SO PURE

That hit me right in the honey nut feelios

Can and can't prove love / klance

Keith in the last panel is like "Your just gonna deny another bonding moment, ok fine

Keith | Shiro | Pidge

Whaaaaaats Shiro thinkin about?: How many different ways he could die and how lovely it would be. (Pass on the responses!

DIFFERENT SHIPs PICTURES AND COMICS - klance comics and pics part 1