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Kukeri Folk mask, Bulgaria fur, fabric with ribbons, beads, metal and sequins…

Caretos de Podence | Portugal

at Podence, (traditional costumes)


Wilder Mann photographer Charles Fréger book explores ancient traditions of…

Kukeri (Bulgarian: кукери; singular: kuker, кукер) is a traditional Bulgarian ritual to scare away evil spirits, with costumed men performing the ritual. The kukeri traditionally visit the peoples' houses at night so that "the sun would not catch them on the road." After going around the village they gather at the square to dance wildly and amuse the people. The ritual varies by region but its essence remains largely the same.

Kukeri, Bulgarian ritual (varies pr region) 2 scare evil spirits, visit th peoples' houses at night so "th sun wouldnt catch them on th road". After going around th village they gather at th square wildly & amuse th people

Africa, West Africa, Mali, Dogon Country, Bandiagara escarpment, Masked Ceremonial Dogon Dancers near Sangha by GHProductions | Stocksy United

The Dogon Lesiga mask is quite similar to the larger "Sirige" mask but danced differently, and with different meaning.

Careto de Grijo de Parada, Bragança, Portugal

Másk & Costume of Cantabria, Spain 2014 - Parade "Vijanera de Silió, Molledo"

Magnhild Kennedy

Magnhild Kennedy: masks - "I am DAMSELFRAU Mask maker from the frozen soil of Norway. Maximalist sprung from the loins of minimalists.

"Beautiful Hand and Friendly Society", Arie-Shola Masquerade, Freetown, Sierra Leone, 2008 photo by Phyllis Galembo

Beautiful Hand and Friendly Society, Arie-Shola Masquerade, Freetown, Sierra Leone, 2008 photo by Phyllis Galembo

Good discussion on voodoo religion among Egungun in Benin.

Africa An Egungun during the Voodoo ceremony in Benin. Voodoo is an official religion in Benin and means spirit or deity. It origin is from Benin, but is an indigenous organised religion of coastal West Africa, from Togo to Benin.

Kukeri - #Bulgarian #folk #tradition

'Kukeri' dancers (Bulgarian mummers) from Bulgaria's Shiroka Laka festival. These Kukeri are used to scare away evil spirits.

Adornos Rituales | MUNDO FLANEUR

Adornos Rituales

Akata Dance Masquerades, Ogoja, Nigeria, Photographed by Phyllis Galembo.

Evelyne Politanoff: Leonce Raphael Agbodjelou: Egungun Project. A Sumptuous Masquerade

Leonce Raphael Agbodjelou: Egungun Project. A Sumptuous Masquerade

Untitled (Egungun series) Leonce Raphael Agbodjelou at Jack Bell Jack Bell, who travels the world to bring the unexpected to his Mason’s Yard space, is showing Leonce Raphael Agbodjelou, the leading photographer from the Republic of Benin

First three are Bulgarian kukeri, or mummers. brotherhoodoftheslice: “ I recently started following the zventenze blog because they’ve been posting a lot of Eastern European winter festivals and...

Kuker masks at XIX International Festival of Masquerade Games Pernik, 2010

More sensational masquerade costumes of West Africa, photos by Phyllis Galembo

endilletante: “ Maske de Phyllis Galembo, Editor Chris Boot Ld, Ano’s women masquerade, Nigeria, ”


'She Loves You, Yeah Yeah Yeah', Photography by Marplondon

From the series “She Loves You, Yeah Yeah Yeah” by Marianne Marplondon.

Magnhild Kennedy: masks

Damselfrau is Norwegian artist Magnhild Kennedy; a craftswoman and mask maker…