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nice DIY Need a stamp? Just carve an eraser! Hand Carved Rubber Stamp, Words Handmade By Stamp

Winter, House, Tree - Hand Carved Rubber Stamp Idea

Winter street rubber stamps | house tree | scandinavian village | christmas card making | diy gifts | set of 5 | hand carved by talktothesun

hand carved rubber stamp set Spring wreath house rubber stamp - hand carved rubber stamp -handmade rubber stamp - mounted - READY TO SHIP.

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Hand Carved Wooden Block Printed Indian Stamps - Wood Printing Stamping Supplies in Crafts, Rubber Stamping, Stamps

These look like good stamp carving inspiration:

Come creare delle matrici per stampe multiple - fai da te [tecnica linoleografia]

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A very talented stamp artist now has stamps available from one of the top stamp manufacturers, Magenta.

timbres de goma - Buscar con Google

carved stamps set 2 by Regina Lord (creative kismet), I just love her designs.

Pablo Salvaje - Carvado de sellos ♥Petit-on♥

Love the carved feather and the use of several colours of ink/paint.

Printsy: Printmakers of Etsy: Tiny Printmaking Tutorials

many DIY stamp ideas & instructions -- from Judi Hurwitt at Approachable Art, here:. many DIY stamp ideas & instructions -- from Judi Hurwitt at Approachable Art, here:.

COOL idea to cut out your picture in foam and then add lines with a ballpoint pen.

DIY Stamps & Patterns - I could cut a negative stamp of the cityscape stencil I like - pasting the pieces on another piece of foam for the unconnected parts like windows.

triangle rubber stamps from www.citoyennes.etsy.com

triangle rubber stamps from www. Hand carved rubber stamp by Green Garden Stamps hand carved leaf stam.