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A mágica união entre garotas ruivas e raposas

Girls and Foxes – Les magnifiques portraits d’Alexandra Bochkareva (image)

Katherina Plotnikova

Katherina Plotnikova < girl with red hair and blue eyes + baby deer fawn

Lo anunciamos hace unas semanas en forma de vídeo y ahora lo hacemos con la primera imagen promocional: Elle Fanning como imagen del perfume Le Premier de Lo...

Primera imagen de Elle Fanning para Lolita Lempicka

Lolita Lempicka Le Premier Perfume Campaign - Lolita Lempicka tapped 14 year old actress Elle Fanning for the campaign of the Le Premier Parfum re-launch.


Witch photo cabinet of curiosities fletchingarrows: vintage style black white antque aged photograph wolf girl red riding fairytale werewolf Victorian

Marvelous Dreamlike Portraits of Redheads with Red Foxes | ALK3R

Marvelous Dreamlike Portraits of Redheads with Red Foxes

Alexandra Bochkareva is a talented self-taught portrait and fine-art photographer, who focuses on sensual portraits of redhead and freckled people.

In a Wonderland They Lie… - She is the goddess of the forest, a mythological creature of great kindness and beauty. Her gaze is steady, mesmerizing...

Girl in white holding a peacock, in the middle of the woods. Perfect as visual writing prompt, book inspiration, mood setting and character brainstorming.