Cat for another cousin....    :o)

Zentangled cat: Art-I-Fact - Essentially, cats purr to get what they want from humans (normally food).

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Last pinner-This started as a sketch of my cat and evolved into much more. I have a love for henna patterns and they made their way into this doodle.

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Zentangle cat- I really like the tree and the 'picture' feel for the whole…

tall cat doodle

Doodle cat - fill a shape with tangles & doodles - maybe start with an outline made with a stencil?


Cosmic Kitten, by Feanne Mauricio - Cats are an artists best friend, really, better than dogs even I think!

kinda neat how you could really take this in many directions and add your own touch!

Giraffe Doodle

for my mom zentangle animals. learn about elements and principles of art. have a design that corresponds with each individual element/principal as separate small sketches. Then combine the parts into a larger zentangle design within the animal silhouette.

The Zentangle Method is an easy-to-learn, relaxing, and fun way to create…

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