Sara Palen's Ida Hillebjork Shoe Packaging Box Doubles as a Bag #branding

Shoe Packaging Purses

Shoe Packaging Box - The idea of a shoe packaging box with an integrated string for carrying is not a new one, but designer Sara Palén reinvisions the concept wi.

Johnnie Walker Gift Wrap via @thedieline

Johnnie Walker Gift Wrap

Johnnie Walker Shopping Bag / Gift Wrapping Box on Packaging of the World - Creative Package Design Gallery - backpack crossbody bag, mustard clutch bag, bags and all *ad

caja de regalo 10 galletas establece bandas por CookieboxStore

10 cookie gift packaging sets Kraft bands with clear cookie bag,cookie favor packaging, wedding favor, baby shower favor, gift packaging

SF Gifts on Behance:

SF Gifts on Behance - contemporary branding and packaging design, white embossed/letterpress logo, dark brown box

Moller Barnekow. The most elegant sandwich wrap.

Moller Barnekow is a take on an elegant sandwich wrap. It aims to catch customers attention by making its packaging stands out with a simplistic modern art look yet retaining a more recognisable form of the sandwich within.

origami fiyonk yapımı

How to make a paper bow - good if you run out of ribbon. Gift wrapping ideas and papercrafts


How to DIY heart envelope. Paper craft, card, invitation or scrapbooking ideas.