This is such a beautifully vibrant photo! All of the dark purples and blacks blend together over the dark background, and the bright pinks and greens revive it all.

Enjoy the simple things in life. Alice Hart really has a gift for bringing out the beauty in everyday objects and situations, I think. (Also, I obviously love grapes, so... this one's perfect!)

food photography low key dark grapes century dutch still life painting in feel - just need some black beetles crawling over it x Photographer Gus Filgate, Waitrose Kitchen Magazine, 2011

Leigh Beisch Photography Blog: 2015 Communication Arts Photo Annual Award

So excited to be awarded a 2015 Communication Arts Photography Annual Award. Communication Arts is a publication that I have always greatly.

Des couleurs pour se mettre en appétit Via  Bakers Royale  Rejoignez-nous sur Agence de communication responsable et engagée.

Shaved Asparagus Salad

Il viola nel piatto: tendenza food 2017

Il viola nel piatto: tendenza food 2017

Food Inspiration Curried Cauliflower Agnolotti with Cilantro Brown Butter Sauce The Tart Tart