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ONE amazing photo. peak-photography: “ My dad’s 44 mag Smith & Wesson revolver by peak-photography ”

Branding works, reclaimed wares, and journeyman. Founded in Oregon, Forging everywhere.

mystery • writing inspiration

I made sure that my revolver was loaded with the six angry man brass band. They were tuned to the genre of death and were ready to make a racket.

You were issued the standard revolver and ratings for the day. Then you were kept in the camp till a man thought you pretty or weak enough to buy.

here you will find aesthetic and random imagens, i hope u like it and don't forget to.

queermalfoy: “ “ ya lit meme: [2/2] antagonists → riko moriyama; all for the game by nora sakavic ““you haven’t seen me antagonistic yet.” ”

//Bang Bang Stay away from me you ducks and rabbits and dogs and cats and monkeys.

“ Charles Krafft ”

Pretty for the doll you are. *smirk* show them fine China is dangerous, baby girl.