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Nara: Awwwww, see~ you do care~ Underfell!papyrus: shut your trap you blueheaded buffoon Nara: but isn't that fan-tastic? Underswap: heh, that was pretty humerus

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Y/n is a waterbender this means she can control water at will. Anyways, it's her first day at high school and she is separated by the jocks and the nerds. Which is a big problem considering a few skeletons have a big crush on her. Including the teachers.

Underfell AU - Don't tease Edgy by TC-96 on DeviantArt

no this isn't canon with Endertale or anything, it's simply a what-if scenario where Toriel and Asgore get back together and they have a lil' baby goat ^^ (sorry Soriel shippers, I'.

Next: fav.me/da7jke7 Previous: fav.me/da60nbu First: fav.me/d9x8k37 I don't know about you, but I'd be a crybaby if I had neon glowy tears.  Part of me thinks that Papyrus kind ...

This AU belongs to Mintysammy -->> I'm finaly done! This is so fun and stressing me out at the same time XD. I hope I did well. I did my best in coloring this one. A coloring style I tried fo.