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During the summer months, queen bees can lay up to 2,500 eggs per day. | 11 Things You Should Know Right Now About Honey Bees

Honey Bee Queen Getting Balled in My Bare Hand (workers trying to kill the queen)

A Bee Unit Study for Homeschoolers

How Bees Work

The Life of the Queen Bee

A virgin queen honey bee pupa as she'd look before hatching from her queen cell

Honey bee worker showing Nasanov gland

Honey bee worker showing Nasanov gland. I've read that bees do this when the hive is opened to help younger bees locate the hive. what have you heard?

A pie pan filled with marbles and water for bees. They can get a drink and not drown. Hickity, you should put some of these near the pool so nit-wits won't splash water on them while they're getting a drink.

Bees need very shallow water to drink from. To help hydrate our little pollinators, set up a bee bath by filling a pie pan with marbles and then water. The marbles give the bees a spot to land so that they don’t drown when they come to drink.

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marking a Queen bee © Éric Tourneret Queens are marked for 2 reasons; it makes it easier to spot her since she looks so much like the bees; the colour indicates what year the queen was born.

✿⊱╮Queen cell: Several queens are laid in the queen cell. The first queen to emerge has to kill the other emerging or unemerged queens.

queen cell - supercedure or emergency queen cell if it's on the top of the frame. Swarm cell if it's on the lower

Beginner Queen Rearing---great website with lots of information.

Beginner Queen Rearing—great website with lots of information. Gardening Tips & Lots Of Pictures also Lots of Good Fresh Garden Recipe www.


Natural bee hive - while it might be a bit scary, wouldn't it be nice to have one these some where in proximity to your (or my) garden?

Bee time-lapse video (the 1st 21 days of a bee's life in 60 seconds). Beautiful. via treehugger

Watch the first 21 days of a bee’s life in 60 seconds (video)

Timelapse Shows How Bees Develop In The Hive. Note the Varroa Mites!

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A detailed bee, crown, and honeycomb will be sweet on pillows, tea towels, and…

Worker bee.  http://brandondonnalee.org/category/blankenship-farms/

Bees are social insects which live in organised communities. They live in colonies usually of between insects.