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In Case You Needed Reminding: Superman is a Dick.

The Paperback of the Superman Vol. What Price Tomorrow? (The New by George Perez, Nicola Scott, Jesus Merino

Star Sapphire Rulz

Superman in Bondage: The Kinkiest Kryptonian Comics Covers Ever Published!

The Walking Dead #119 "ALL OUT WAR," PART 5 The war comes home

Issue 119 is the one-hundred-nineteenth issue of Image Comics' The Walking Dead and the fifth.

Superman vs. Captain Marvel? Not quite. DC owns the rights to the character and they still had to pussyfoot around him like a cartoon version of "Lassie" running that "no animals were harmed" disclaimer.

N° 276 - Dc Comics - Superhero Championship - The Amazing World Of - June - White Cape - Nick Cardy

The Pursuit of Happiness by Madden, Chris.. successful work

The Pursuit of Happiness by Madden, Chris.

minigroove - superheroes, fantasy and science fiction on children's records

vintage Superman comic book and record set, Alien Creatures, superhero, science fiction


Superman by Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez from the 1982 DC Comics Style Guide