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Alexandra Khitrovaraspberry dragonblueberry dragoncherry dragongrape dragoncloudberry dragonmore by Alexandra Khitrova

Dragons. These are super cool! Except for the scary zombie dragon. That is not cool.<< That's not only cool, it's awesome

Amazing Different Types of Dragon

A ver si retomo mis esculturas...:

A tutorial on how to draw a dragonhead from the side. (This is part of a tutorial series. Part Three Part Four Dragonhead Tutorial part two

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The number one thing that pisses me off when people call wyverns dragons (like it game of thrones). Wyverns are built more like birds, dragons are built like cats with wings.

Snake Dragons by ~beastofoblivion on deviantART

Snake Dragons by ~beastofoblivion on deviantART/ Just imagine being in a dense forest and you hear this loud crashing sound then these giant ass shitheads come crashing out

Small Dragons

Small Dragons

Green dragon of the forest. Beautiful tree dragon fantasy creature concept art inspiration ideas, grass dragon, guarding the nature on the meadow  before the forest. With green scales wings, and green eyes and horns.

Green Crystal Dragon by sandara on DeviantArt (detail) / mythical creature / monster / fantasy


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Holy crap this would be awesome as the cover to my short story, & Remains of Winter& Icedragon by raqmo

The mystical enigma

The mystical enigma Dragon Fantasy Myth Mythical Mystical Legend Dragons Wings Sword Sorcery Art Magic Drache dragon drago dragon Дракон drak dragão