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Character Design - Bunny Mermaid 2016 by MeoMai on DeviantArt

:)I’ve drawn this bunny mermaid almost every Easter since 2013 (minus It’s nice to see the progression of my style and skill level over the years. Here’s hoping for my continued art evolution for the next Easter drawing in ;

I’m working on speed on this piece. I gave myself a timeframe and then I left somewhere in that timeframe to run errands . It is what it is. ;D ______________________________________________ ...

Character Design - Explorer [By: MeoMai] -This is cool ^_^ I really like it, I've been thinking about a turtle tattoo, and this is giving me ideas!

Character Design - Monster and Dames submission by MeoMai.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

I just found out that this piece will be included in the 2017 Monsters & Dames book to be sold at Emerald City Comicon this coming March. Character Design - Monster and Dames submission

Jessica Madorran • Water Queen :) Trying to make sure I’m still...

jmadorran: “Water Queen :) Trying to make sure I’m still active on my social medias…so a lot of my work may be process stuff these next few weeks as I work on a couple of big projects.

The Big Idea :) by MeoMai on DeviantArt

So i’ve been throwing this idea around in my head for a long while of going fully freelance. Don’t get me wrong the dream is still to find a studio job. But at the moment I work at an office job that.