Beautiful artistic wall of light panels. Looks like movable felt squares that can be tilted to catch the light and make new patterns.

Exploring lighting effects - black light with coloured acrylics | pinned by

Eric Michel, Lighting installation, black light and 7 fluorescent acrylic boards h: 16 x w: 48 x d: 4 in / h: x w: x d: cm 2005

Giant Lite Brite?? That's one lucky kid!

Giant Lite Brite

full size Lite Brite — too cool! I always wanted a little one when I was a kid. How much better is this!", "Gotta love a giant Light Bright (similar to the one @ Children

Jane Ro - Amazing, interactive digital signage art. Would love to see this enter

exhibition Celebrating 100 years of IBM, this wall housed real time data visualizations and processing of air particle matter Lincoln Center, New York City.

Interaction is based off the interaction choices of people. You interact my moving the coloured pins around the peg holes. The digital is the back lights that light up the board, this is successful at giving it interest. Fun experience particularly for kids. Like the open creativeness of the design.

Lite Brite: Super-Sized

Colourful interaction for kids, creating your own designs and shapes through a simple but effective colour cup and white light shining behind Giant Lite Brite! At the Fort Worth Museum of Science and Technology.

Sagmeister's The Happy Show at MOCA — Minimally Minimal

The Happy Show at MOCA

interactive booth - what is the biggest ecommerce problem you face? with collateral under each one