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All the special snowflakes out there

All the special snowflakes out there

All the special snowflakes out there<<<< this is actually pretty accurate because I’m not actually like “other girls” I’m literally trans so uhh?

Would u?

<<<<yes I want to start cosplaying could easily get multiple cosplays if I had that much money



Lol I actually feel guilty because in my school you can't tell the girls apart in the bathroom stalls because they're all wearing skinny jeans and adidas

This disturbs me because it's something I never realized was so true

Them simply southern boutiques

funny pictures

Fresh daily helpings of greasy, greasy baloney. Savor the flavor of that processed salty meat as you press it against your lips and wrangle it into your slop hole with your taste tendril.

13 year olds then vs 13 year olds now Talk about pushing girls appearance expectation...fuck Barbie, this does way more damage.

Be respectful. You were allowed to enjoy your times. Let us enjoy ours, asshole.<<<<------- Found the 13 year old!

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*sighs* why must the emo life come for me in Why couldn’t I have been born earlier?

Nah I don't have any hoe best friends but this is funny 😂