Harry Potter Logic, muggles, patronus charm, talking envelope true the ministry has to snap the wands of all the witches and wizards who work in that particular department

<3 <<< i kinda love Narcissa like she's still not great but Lucius is my real problem LIKE SERIOUSLY

I love this so much, because so many people forget about Narcissa. But her love for Draco saved Harry. A mother's love is a powerful thing.

the best ending to a book i have ever seen :)

Sometimes i wish i had godfather who was an escaped prisoner of Azkaban just so i could use that line of Harrys as an excuse to scare people into leaving me alone and giving me what i want. he'd have to be a wizard of course

And love and friendship are just like an eighth, and then how to kill Harry Potter comes around and takes up the rest of it.

They deserve each other

THIS IRRITATES ME SO MUCH! They just crossed the line of cruelty. No dementor, no matter how evil, should have to live with her.<<< sudden quote moment: "I heard a dementor kissed her. AND IT DIED.

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It's a raven in the movies. But eagles are a symbol for a broader vision and strength of mind and heart. Eagles represent a higher mind, hence, wisdom.but this is still funny ;

Best Ever Harry Potter Collection

Best Ever Harry Potter Collection

Emma had a crush on Tom. Everyone had a crush on Emma, except for Tom. Tom had a crush on Helen (Bellatrix) 😂

nice Portraits from Hogwarts by PheaVampire on deviantART by http://dezdemon-humoraddiction.space/harry-potter-humor/portraits-from-hogwarts-by-pheavampire-on-deviantart-2/

Portraits from Hogwarts by PheaVampire on deviantART

Hogwarts portraits >>> oh wow it went in a complete different direction than I expected>>>I was not expecting that