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Not true. Rowling herself said there was no relation to this snake and Nagini. Nagini is a species of Viper and the snake in the zoo is a Boa Constrictor.

Pinterest Bilder von Harry Potter. Lustige Witze, traurige Fakten, alles dabei.

Harry Potter Facts 5 on this one is wrong, but the rest of the facts are great. (New person): James WAS a Chaser in the BOOKS.

Correction: Voldemort is The Hand-Sanitizer-Who-Must-Not-BeNamed.

Voldemort = Hand sanitizer Avada Kedavra Germs is what I will say now every time i use hand sanitizer

Harry Potter characters and their houses

Harry Potter / Ravenclaw, without flaw / Slytherin, for the win / Hufflepuff, true enough / Gryffindor, to the core

haha and they thought we wouldn't notice...

not Crabbe, but Blaise Zabini. WB fired the actor that played Crabbe after he got caught smoking/selling marijuana. If you thought this was Crabbe, you dumb.

Things you won't see on Harry Potter part 1

Things you won't see on Harry Potter part 2

Oh my goodness I just realized that together they were her and that's why snape hates them as a whole

They are lily. That's why Snape hated them! They reminded him of Lily! <OMGOSH IT ALL MAKES SENSE, I always thought snape hated Ron and Hermione cause they were friends with Harry