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Bosozoku (暴走族). Well, now this is gotta be an old photo. Still pretty cool style though. Actually now their numbers are at the lowest since 70s, when records began. Which is a good thing, I guess...

Still pretty cool style though. Actually now their numbers are at the lowest since when records began.

スケバン刑事 Yoko Minamino

☆南野陽子☆スケバン刑事 Yōko Minamino in the J drama "Sukeban Deka." ☆Sukeban means a leader of a female gang (actually still in high school & dressed in school uniform) & deka, is a slang equivalent to cop. Her weapon is a yoyo, using it like nunchaku.



Do It Like A Dude- Androgynous Style

The best drag kings, male impersonators, and drag artists with pictures of all the top drag kings in the world. Who are the greatest drag kings? The top drag kings .


Japanese girl gangs of the 70s

“ When all-male gangs wouldn’t let them join, all-female “sukeban” gangs formed their own identities – starting with the uniform. “ Between the layers of clothing, sukeban girls.

主に日本の80年代の画像をポスト・リブログし : 画像

主に日本の80年代の画像をポスト・リブログし : 画像

punk rock women of the 70's - Yahoo Image Search Results

Punk Fashion - consisted of young alientated teens wearing messy baggy ripped up clothes. Boys normally wore balck leather and girls wore micro minis with black fishnet stockings. (Survey of Historic Costume)

Born and raised in Brooklyn, Jamel Shabazz first took up photography at the age of 15, and went on to create a peerlessly vibrant record of the city in the 1980s.  c. 1980. A boy does a backflip on a mattress in a lot in Brooklyn.  Jamel Shabazz/Getty Images  Drawing inspiration from the works

Vibrant Photos Capture Spirit Of 1980s New York City

M Pardo: Corset lacing: how to put a corset on

already own the corset: how to wear it is the next step in this process. For all the beginners out there love ya dames keep you corsets tight ( ^ω^)