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420 -Pixel Art- Icons for RPG by 7Soul1.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

This iconset for RPG Maker VX and Ace contains rips from the game Final Fantasy: Tactics Advance (for GBA). Final Fantasy Iconset (for RPG Maker VX and Ace)

Now in black http://7soul1.deviantart.com/art/16x16-RPG-Icons-Pack-1-Free-Sample-467188465

Here you'll find games made with pixel art and pixel art pieces related to games like mockups, characters, monsters, backgrounds, etc.

Explosion Sprites by Legend-tony980 on DeviantArt

Explosion sprites from Metal Slug (found in Spriter Ressource) for Super 'Mario' Kirby Dash. It's exactly the explosion sprites which Alvin-Earthworm us.

A whole lot of RPG items by Orteil.deviantart.com on @deviantART

A bunch of generic items for use in RPGs and stuff. The blue highlights might be a bit heavy-handed. A whole lot of RPG items

Lord of the Rings x Super Mario World Artist note: I put a walking path in here, but we all know that one does not simply walk into Mordor. I managed to to fit Barad-dur, Mount Doom, and the nine Nazgul, but ran out of room for The Black Gate.

neorice:  100+ smash 4 sprites.For some reason I never compiled all of these into one of my 100-sprite sheets. So a bit late, but here’s all of them together anyway!Sprites in the style of my webcomic, found @ http://neorice.com

I don't think I ever posted this full sheet to deviantart. sprites based on characters from 100 sprites.

Game Assets: Projectile Pack 1 Download here: https://graphicriver.net/item/game-assets-projectile-pack-1/7654040?ref=KlitVogli

Game Assets: Projectile Pack 1

Buy Game Assets: Projectile Pack 1 by nido on GraphicRiver. Game Assets: Projectile Pack 1 This package contains 50 projectiles for your game project.

16x16 RPG Icons - Pack 1 - Free Sample by 7Soul1 on DeviantArt

This is part of a big pack of game graphics I'm going to release over the year. Pack 1 contains over 1400 items and skills icons. This free sample .

Miscellaneous objects, potions, health, mana, books, keys,.. etc…

Miscellaneous Items - potions, gold for your store, health to heal, mana for magic and more coming up for your RPG game - EatCreatures