Girl with alligator on a rope walking down the stairs John Drysdale - “High Living Crocodile,” 1976


Dog walking down city street with mannequin leg in its mouth in black and white photo.

Superturbamenti artistici n. 4 – La rivincita dei Supernonni | comicom

TRICK or TREAT / American artist Jason Bard Yarmosky, a graduate of the School of Visual Arts, is best known for his series of paintings, Elder Kinder. These works juxtapose youth with old age, and explore the social connotations of aging.

Kids on the Beach cute photography black and white beach kids photo old backandwhite children

Long Island kids in the at Jones Beach. We spent many summer days at Jones Beach. Love the bathing suits!

Los niños de mi casa ni me miraban en el 72 porque se habían enfadado al no querer darles mi cabeza para jugar al fútbol.

Treating you the way I did is my biggest regret in life, and I am sorry. I definitely hurt myself. You were a really good friend to me and my life was better when you were apart of it.

Hairdresser's Hot Dog, c. 1960. Photograph by John Drysdale.

harvestheart: “ ikilledjackjohnson: “Hairdresser’s Hot Dog, by John Drysdale, 1960 ” HH: Family Day at the Salon.

A burlesque dancer walking her pet snake

A burlesque dancer walks her pet snake (1937)

hauntedbystorytelling: “::Zorita, the bad girl of burlesque:: 1 & 2 - Burlesque dancer Zorita walking one of her pet snakes, 1937 3 - Zorita’s portrait, ”

father sons girafe

We love this awesome photograph of Paul Remos, a circus strongman, helping one of his sons feed a hungry giraffe at the London Zoo. Paul and his sons all performed together in a revue called.


They would be so encouraging, filling young mind with hope and high dreams, of great and good accompliments to be had." manchannel: The Challenger.

T H E _  C O L L E C T O R

weirdvintage: “ This is my dad’s uncle, c. in Kokomo, IN, USA. The young victim of a family of pranksters, he luckily grew up to be a bit more handsome ” weirdvintage

Un istante prima della felicità, 1955

A Few Seconds Before Happiness, 1955 Austrian Boy Receives New Shoes During WWII source A Victorian Couple Trying Not To Laugh While Getting Their Portraits Done, Girl Playing For Her Dog Best Friends source Brownie Gets The Milk As Blackie Waits

Python regius by IsisMasshiro I love the idea of snake or crocodile inspired dragons- most dragons are instead a combination of bird and lizard like features

The Royal Python Series of snake-based creatures, because I just love snakes look and four legged things. This SHOULD be a royal python, but patterns a.

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